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This elegant 2-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker sweeps audiophiles off their feet despite its very compact size. The A3 EVO II’s stunning diamond-shaped cabinet is exclusively handcrafted in Italy by the best wood-makers to achieve an ultra-rigid structure and the...

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Featured a totally new look on the front panel, the A6 EVO II, with its distinctive diamond-shaped body, is designed to control vibrations the best.
 The combination of its shape and the cabinet creates an ultra-rigid structure that enhances power...

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The XS-85 is a full-range, 3-way floor-standing speaker with a rear double bass-reflex design entirely shaped according to the iconic Gold Note design. This superior speaker delivers state-of-the-art performances, guaranteed by high-quality components combined with elegant cabinets. The XS-85’s breathtaking...

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The XT-7 is a full range, 3-way floor-standing speaker featuring an aluminium rear bass reflex and curved shape side panels. Its unique design is based on a reinforced cabinet made of wooden “sculptured” multilayer panels, to achieve exceptional control over...

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