Founded in Firenze in 2012 by Maurizio Aterini, Gold Note is the leading Italian manufacturer in the high-end audio industry.
Through revolutionary technology, gorgeous materials, and Italian design, Gold Note aspires to convey the passion of music.
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Bryston Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the consumer and professional audio marketplaces for over 35 years.
Bryston is recognized for their phrase “Music for a Generation,” which rightfully deserves its prominence.
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Like no other brand, TAD Labs is distinguished by the fact that each model represents what was technically feasible at its time. At the time of its foundation in 1975, this was just as true as it is today!
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It was several years ago that we began our journey into the amazing world of music and sound engineering. The conditions were far from ideal since we had to work inside a relatively small studio suite, with very old and low-quality recording devices that many times were blurring the outcome of our work. 
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