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Seven Sonics was founded through an unwavering passion for impeccable audio quality. Our mission is to share this knowledge with fellow audiophiles who want to recreate, if not rival, a cinematic experience or studio-quality sound in the comfort of their own homes.

Home Theater Installation

Make the most of your viewing experience by listening to sound the way it was intended. With our variety of finely crafted surround-sound systems that rival even the best theaters, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in thrilling, cinema-like sound. We also provide custom soundproofing so that your viewing environment is nothing short of a fully immersive and surreal experience.
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From turntables inspired by Michelangelo and Galileo, to award-winning amplifiers and speakers of all shapes and sizes. We custom install your preferred configuration in a sleek and stylish manner, paying special attention to detail, leaving you with a home audio system that is a true music lover’s dream come true. All products are Universal Plug and Play, Roon, Tidal, MQA, Spotify, and Deezer compatible. 
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  • Ahmed Al Rifaqi

    It is difficult to design a purpose-built listening room in an office environment. Seven Sonics did that. The outline of the room, the audio equipment and decoration are all very stunning. Each corner of the room never failed to impress me, and every little detail was taken care of. If you're someone who cares about music, then you must experience your favorite tracks at Gold Note studio in Dubai. It will most likely forever change your perception of music that you’ve heard a hundred times. I was able to listen to my own produced album and it was surreal to imagine the music played on the Gold Note XS-85 was exactly as that created in the studio. Every single little note is recreated. It´s easy to distinguish the different instruments. I was able to hear what is going on and to get the full emotion out of whatever music is being played. It is far one of the best music experiences I have ever had and will always remember this moment

  • Pablo Martinez

    I visited the Bryston studio in Dubai and auditioned the system over the weekend. Mustansir is a perfect host. I heard lots of songs across many genres – classical, rock, pop & jazz. The Bryston amplifiers/preamplifiers made the music sound dynamic and balanced across the frequency spectrum. It was as close to Live music I have experienced in a room. To be honest I did not know what to expect but was awed by my experience. I left close to midnight and even had a sumptuous dinner!!

    I could write another 1000 words but nothing would be able to recreate my experience at the Bryston studio in Dubai. You really have to audition for yourself to appreciate your own experiences would be in your home environment.

  • Ashtarul Malek

    Nothing in the last 20 years prepared me for the sound of these speakers – Bryston Model T. The music that comes out from them is an experience to cherish. It made the experience emotional, and the bass was so controlled and easy on my ears. It sounded really like Live music in a grand hall with the most beautiful midrange and sound stage. Nothing was colored and it was presented clearly through the Bryston electronics. Whether you are a classical, jazz, rock or R&B fan these will enhance your listening pleasure. Quite honestly I could have listened to this for many more hours!!

    It certainly was a very lovely experience for me to hear their breathtaking setup at the Bryston Studio and Mustansir personally takes meticulous effort to ensure you experience every single detail. 

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