B-5.1 is an elegant high-performance tonearm completely designed and handmade in Italy with the greatest attention to details to achieve maximum precision and to deliver the truly best sonic results.

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A perfectly designed tonearm should perform at its best with every cartridge, providing easy installation and simplicity of use, just like the B-7 Ceramic does.

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Donatello MC is the best sounding cartridge of its category, thanks to solid machined duralumin body light enough to be handled by any tonearm.

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The ES-78 phono cartridge offers outstanding dynamic, high resolution, and great ease of use.

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This cartridge meets the highest standard to guarantee top-quality audio performance.

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The Italian high-quality design of Tuscany satisfies the most demanding ears for an uncompromising musical pleasure.

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The innovative design of Vasari cartridges, achieved through computer modelling, has been developed to reach the peak performance of the MM cartridges.

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