Reference Series

C600 Preamplifier

The C600’s quality results from a fundamental reassessment of all aspects of electrical and mechanical design.

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Compact Reference One TX [ CR1TX ]

For decades, TAD Labs has hard earned the considerable respect and trust of the world’s leading artists and studio engineers

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D600 Disc Player

TAD is a company that never compromises its design concepts and technologies. Our mission is to achieve a purity of sound to a degree that has never before been experienced. Introducing the TAD D600.

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M700/M700S Power Amplifier

TAD’s philosophy has remained unchanged for over 40 years, and that is to deliver sound that conveys the full range of emotions without alteration.

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Reference One TX [ R1TX ]

Since its inception, the TAD Reference One has quickly become the established reference point for speaker systems in the new era of high definition audio.

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